Healthier Alternatives To Drinking Beer on a Night Out

You have worked so hard exercising and balancing your diet to shed your fat and look ripped. But why do you want to sabotage your hard work by drinking beer on a night out with your friends. Do you know beverages can adversely affect your health and fitness level? Choose some healthier alternatives to drinking beer to relax and reduce your stress.

Beer is an intoxicating drink that no doubt relieves you from stress but probably you are not aware of how bad it can cause physical and mental destruction. The intoxicating effect of beer impairs your thinking ability. You might come across people who after consuming beer in a night out party only came to realize the next day what foolish acts they have committed.

What to do instead?

Don’t let this situation in your life and go for healthier option to drinking beer on a night out. There are alternatives available in the market to drinking beer when you are partying out at night with friends. If calorie is your worst enemy, stick to diet drinks that are easily available in bars, restaurants and even stores. Diet sodas that come without sugar are not too beneficial for your health but definitely a healthier option to beer.

If you are on a night out there is no strict rule that you have to consume alcohol. It totally depends on you. You can try out tasty non-alcoholic fruit drinks like margaritas. Cocktails and mocktails are clear winners when it is about consuming something healthier to drinking beer. There are cocktails available containing 0.5% alcohol that can hardly affect your mind and body. So if you don’t want to get drunk stick to non-alcoholic cocktails.

Hot beverages can also act as alternatives to drinking beer on night outs. There are so many different innovative types of hot beverages available in the pubs today without any alcohol content. You don’t require alcohol to stimulate your gossips and conversation with your friends. You can simply sip your favorite cappuccino or ice tea and have a rocking night out with your friends.

Plenty of other stuff to drink

The image displays a cocktail made of fruits

There is good news for those who are looking for an alternative to drinking beer. Today the market is flooded with a wide range of non-alcoholic beers. The bottles appear more or less the same. So it becomes extremely difficult for others to say whether you are drinking alcohol or not. These are indeed alcohol free beverages but it might contain very little percentage of alcohol. Drinking lime juice with soda also opens the door for an alternative. Lime juice is an amazing drink especially in hot summer days.

Alcohol alternatives are available to bind you with the pleasure and relaxation of drinking rather than affect you with negative impacts like impaired memory, nausea, dizziness etc. The best part about the alternative to drinking beer is that you don’t suffer from any hangovers and you are completely aware of the events that happened in the night out.

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